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Expert AC Coil Installation


The AC Coil or evaporator coil is located inside the blower compartment or air handler. It holds the chilled refrigerant that the compressor moves into it. As the Air from the blower fan moves over the coil, the cold refrigerator removes the heat from the air.

There are specific ways that AC coils are oriented in your AC unit and specific ways that they are to be installed. You want to rely on a professional to expertly install your AC coil.

PSR Air Duct Cleaning Miami have highly skilled professionals on call that have years of experience and have been trained to provide top quality installation and service.

Located in Miami, Fl serving the surrounding areas, our experts use state-of-the-art technology and high quality products that are eco-friendly, natural and safe for you and the environment. Contact us today and we will respond promptly and will issue you a free estimate.

We will communicate, in detail, the process of your installation and you can trust that you will receive top notch service that is also cost effective. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


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Just had our AC coil replaced by HVAC Repair Diamond Bar company, and the entire process was smooth and hassle-free. The team was well-organized, respectful, and completed the installation with precision. Grateful for the improved efficiency and comfort in our home.

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